1 Orcas Isle

2 Woodford Downs

3 Buck’s Run

4 Cold Snowy Morning

5 Common Bond

6 Liza Jane

7 Ode To Jo

8 Trekking

9 Texas Gales

10 For Olivia

11 iMando

1 I Want You

2 The Back Room

3 Swing 42

4 Cedar Hill

5 Tophat Funk

6 Don’t Think Twice

7 Blue Bossa

8 Major Something

9 Tipsy Gypsy

10 Norwegian Wood

1 Come Hither To Go Yonder

2 You Love is Like A Flower

3 Summer Of Regret

4 Pike County Breakdown

5 Love Of The Mountains

6 Georgia Cracker

7 Daybreak In Dixie

8 Walkin’ The Dog

9 Big Sciota

10 Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

11 Jubilee Road

12 Road To Rapid City

13 Watson’s Blues

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Bluegrass Unlimited, April 2011...

“This project showcases the talents of multi-instrumentalist Chad Fadely who plays not only mandolin, but also mandola, mandocello, guitar and bass. Fadely is accompanied on this project by Alex Hargreaves on fiddle, Bill Neaves on guitar, Ivan Rosenberg on resonator guitar, Rick Ryan on bass, Mary Sackmann on bass, and Steve Taft on banjo. The Montana-based Fadely has produced a delightful 12-song all-instrumental project of mostly original material such as “Orcas Isle,” “Cold Snowy Morning,” “Ode To Joy,” and the title cut “iMando.” The covers include “Liza Jane” and “Texas Gales.” These are all good musicians and the production is clear and well-balanced. The packaging is a simple sleeve, but provides a good format for this type of release. Look for more to come from Chad Fadely. BF”

1 Garland County

2 Amity Road


4 Vicki’s Waltz

5 Forrest’s Run

6 Here We Go

7 Hwy 105

8 Welcome to Slough

9 Novara

10 Crossing the Flathead

11 for Hailey

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“Fadely's playing is tasteful and complex and he plays in

such a laid back way that you don't notice how fast the notes are really coming at you. He makes it all sound so easy. That's the true hallmark of a virtuoso; having the ability to make the most difficult passages sound simple, and Fadely manages to create that feeling in nearly every track. It's quite the accomplishment.”

... Mandolin Magazine, April 2013

"...Original instrumental

albums are often hard to classify,

but this latest collection from

Chad Fadely has different moods

and shifting melodies and is a delight

with repeated listenings."

... California Bluegrass Association.